Wednesday, November 10, 2010

so this is where i am moving to. sorry but i just like the name better and besides, some of the stuff that i make is really not from the thrift store.

well, this is...

i got this idea to make a 'graveyard' in urns to display for halloween. i only had time to do one. so next year there should be more. here's hoping.
first i found this urn at arc (thrift store). it cost $2. probably because it was ugly - why did they sell it like this in the first place i will never know! i spray painted first with a wall texture that i had on hand ($0). let that dry. i was trying to make it look like concrete. then i used a silver spray paint that i also had on hand ($0). after that dried i was able to add black, purple and green acrylic paint to give it that aged look.

finally i stuffed it with styrofoam and moss. ($5). the other stuff i had from the past years. i love halloween with a creepy feel and this does it for me.

total cost=$7. enjoy!

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