Wednesday, November 17, 2010

monogram, um... wreath?

just made this. the letter A for 'Adams'. i used a 9' lighted garland that i found at ross for $9.99. it was a steal! bent the garland a little and secured things with a little wire and viola! got the idea from ballard designs. their wreath cost $25 and it was NOT lighted! i feel pretty cool right now. its like a craft high! if you are trying this out then let me give you a hint... if you want a fairly manageable sized letter wreath then DO NOT buy a very full and ornate garland. it makes for a HUGE letter. 9' is the length you want but forget all that greenery and berries. wait and add that later if you want. my letter (A) was a pretty easy and symmetrical letter to compose, yours might not be and may need a little support with dowel or something. sorry, because the letter will vary, i have no way of telling you exactly 'how' to do it. good luck.
total cost=$9.99 + tax.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with me! I love how yours turned out. Very clever using garland and
    and adding lights! Great job!